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Lessons from Italy: The Mediterranean Diet

August 11, 2018

The reason the Mediterranean diet is here to stay is because it is not what we typically think of when we hear the word diet, rather it is a lifestyle.

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5 Reasons You Can’t Out-Exercise A Poor Diet

July 27, 2018

Do you ever feel like despite your perfectly planned weeks of ass-kicking MISSION classes, you still aren’t reaching your goals? If you have, don’t worry you aren’t alone, and there’s an answer for you, and everyone else that’s been feeling this frustration.

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Cutting Calories in Your Cocktail // The MISSION Mule

June 16, 2018

Full-blown cocktails are usually packed with sweet syrups, juices, and sodas. Limiting these and opting for something less jam-packed with ingredients might be the easiest way to watch your sugar, and calorie intake. Cutting out cocktails entirely is not the only option, there are many ways to modify your favorite drinks to stay on track.

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