July 26, 2017


Heat. Candlelight. Sweat. Intense Tunes. Chilled Towels.

The Yoga program at MISSION strives to break down misconceptions and stereotypes about Yoga. Designed for all levels, and for those who have and have not experienced Yoga before, the POWER, BEATS, SCULPT, and STRETCH classes were created for those students looking for an athletic practice that would compliment their other workouts. MISSION is not a Yoga studio. Or a Cycle studio. Or any other single-mode studio focused on one area of fitness. We believe as a company that the body and mind are complex systems that yearn for more than just one activity to balance their physical and emotional needs. However, the threads that tie all of our programs together is a deep passion for music and a desire for consistency in excellence.

As a team, the Yoga instructors at MISSION are always engaged, involved, and developing with our members to provide classes that make sense for their schedules, their goals, and the changing landscape of fitness. Tupac for Savasana? Sure. Heavy house beats for STRETCH? Why not? From diversity and challenge comes change and betterment.

Check out our video and come experience Emma B. and her passion for SCULPT, or Kristen V’s s love for inversions, or Emily D’s amaze post-practice shoulder massage…stretch, plank, let it go.

Make it. Your MISSION.