June 23, 2017

At MISSION we always say that everyone has a story. But stories are often meant to be shared. Part of redefining group fitness for us is finding the balance between respecting the space we need as individuals to feel safe, and supporting one another in the endeavor to overcome challenges. The reasons we walk into the studio every day are different, sometimes it’s to find solace, and sometimes it’s to find understanding. As a result, we’ve started “WHAT’S YOUR MISSION?”, a way for our members to tell their stories, and connect with others through narratives and photographs. Assuming that your story is somehow more meaningful, or more singular, or more anything, is a trick we play on ourselves when things become overwhelming. Hearing the voices and the stories of others only brings us closer to a deeper understanding of our own journey.


Brains. Beauty. Big dreams. Meet MISSION member Lauren Kinton. Lauren, 25, hails from York, Maine and started coming to MISSION this winter on Manager and friend Katy Marshall’s recommendation. A competitive swimmer from early childhood, Lauren stopped participating in team sports her senior year of high school. Choosing to go to the University of Maine, Kinton told us that she has always loved fitness in some form or another, but wanted less structure going into her college experience. Full disclosure: Lauren is one of the owner’s favorite people to see. There is an authenticity to her that, on some days, perhaps serves MISSION more than MISSION serves her. Or maybe it’s seeing oneself in someone else earlier on in their journey that connects two people. After graduating from college, Lauren moved to Bucksport, ME (pop. 4900) with her boyfriend at the time. She was always interested in cosmetology, so when the two moved, she enrolled at Empire Beauty School. Tick tock…time passes. Engagement ring comes. Then a move home to save some money. Long story short, but one that is familiar to many of us, she found herself identifying herself and her dreams with someone else. So what does Kinton do? She says, Fuck It. I’m moving to Portsmouth. Things didn’t work out with the guy, but that’s just a short chapter in Lauren’s book. Cycle: BEATS was her first class, and she’s never looked back. She participates in every single MISSION studio challenge, gives ONE HUNDRED percent in her classes, and is solid in her determination to improve in all ways.

Currently living her dream, Lauren is now a successful IT recruiter, and was just accepted into Merrimack College’s Girard School of Business where she will be pursuing her MBA.

“What’s your MISSION, Kinton?” TO BE A BETTER ME.


“Name three of your strengths and three weaknesses.” (weaknesses come first) NOT SAYING NO ENOUGH. GETTING OVERWHELMED EASILY. NOT ARTICULATING FEELINGS….(then strengths) BEING A GREAT FRIEND. BEING A HARD WORKER. BEING TRUSTWORTHY.

“Kinton…you know you listed your weaknesses first, right?” YEAH I GUESS I DID THAT.

Well, shit. Changing that should be our MISSION in 2017. Lauren’s what you would call a “catch” in every way possible. And we are so excited to see her fly.