At MISSION, we believe fitness AND nutrition are the key to health and wellness. Our in-studio Registered Dietitian Jenn Gosselin can develop an individualized nutrition plan created for your specific goals, needs and lifestyle.

Our Registered Dietitian, Jenn G. will give you the tools and accountability you need to stay on track throughout the year. She’ll teach you how to make eating healthy a permanent part of your lifestyle.


Individualized consult and plan created for your specific goals, needs and lifestyle.

Includes: Weight, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and body composition measurements, diet assessment, nutrition education, menus, grocery lists, recipes, and accountability.

ACCOUNTABILITY MEETING  |  30 minutes – $30

Receive feedback, encouragement and accountability to ensure you are keeping on track to meeting your goals.

Includes: Weight, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and body composition measurements, diet assessment, recipes, and accountability.

Appointments are made on the MindBody website. Please login using your MISSION credentials and click “Appointments” to book your appointment.



When you work out MISSION-style, you’ll need serious refuel. We’ve got the remedy – Nourish, our in-studio café. Superfood smoothies. Nutrient-packed snacks. Fresh ingredients. You just found your after-class ritual.


SMOOTHIES  |  $7.00

The Roots (R7 approved)
Kale, Banana, Pineapple, Agave, Coconut H20

Swifty (R7 approved)
Banana, Strawberries, Pineapple, Mint, OJ, Coconut H20, Coconut Milk

Drake (R7 approved)
Blueberries, Banana, Oats, Dates, Spinach, Coconut Milk

Beets by Dre
Almond Milk, Beets, Mango, Strawberries, Spinach

Banana, Coconut Flakes, Peanut Butter, Cacao Powder, Almond Milk

Mango, Peach, Avocado, Honey, Almond Milk

John Mayer
Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, Banana, Almond Milk, Agave

Add On  |  $.50
Almond Butter, Whey Protein, Hemp Hearts, Pea Protein, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Coconut, Avocado, Shot of Coffee, Bee Pollen

Add On  |  $1.00
Chocolate Greens


ACAI BOWL  |  $9.00

Beats Bowl
Acai, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter, Banana
Toppings: Cacao Nibs, Coconut, Banana, Peanut Butter, Granola

Barre Bowl
Acai, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Banana
Toppings: Blueberries, Goji Berries, Hemp Hearts, Chai Seeds, Granola, Coconut


TOAST  |  $5.00

w/ Sea Salt & Chili Flakes

Peanut Butter
w/ Banana & Local Honey

Choice of Bread  |  Sourdough or Multigrain



Spreads  |  $2.50
Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Pesto & Hummas

Toppings  |  $6.50
Avocado, Spinach, Sprouts, Bacon, Egg, Cucumber, Artichoke Hearts, Tomato, Cheese, & Protein

Choice of Bagel  |  Regular or Thin


Get dirty but always clean up well after. Eco-chic amenities. Exclusive hair and beauty products. Towel service – chilled for heated yoga, comfort for showers. Post workout blowout station. Well earned grab and go bags for sweaty gear. Because epic workouts demand epic details.

Your gear is safe and sound at MISSION.  We offer 60 lockers that can be customized with your own code. Lock it up and focus on your workout.

We recommend that all riders experience our cycle program with SPD or LOOK compatible clip in cleats. In fact, we are so passionate about you having the best possible ride, a select number of shoes are available for our riders to use – ON US!

Water filtration system is available – bring your own bottle and just in case we have chilled bottle water available for purchase.