January 29, 2018

Every time you step into the studio, you set an intention to create change. We want to harness that power to rally around causes that matter. We want to make a real, tangible impact in our neighborhoods.


We’ve always been big into GIVING BACK here at MISSION, but we wanted to take it a step further. MISSION GIVES will allow us to support our members and the causes that are important to them. And in turn, you’ll be able to support the people that you see sweating to your left and right every day.

It’s about community. About causes. About change.

We’re kicking off MISSION GIVES with our 2nd Annual BIG BEATS FOR LITTLE BEASTS on February 11th. And that’s just the beginning….keep an eye out on our social media and blog for more.

Have a cause close to your heart that you think we should support? Contact us at info@missionportsmouth.com