April 14, 2018

I have never rowed before. Can I come to a ROW class?
Yes! Please come 10 minutes early to your first class so your instructor can go over the rower, your setup and basic technique with you. We always go over technique during the beginning of class, and will help you make adjustments during class as needed. If you have the chance, take our free ROW101 class. It is a 30-minute technique only class that teaches you everything you need to be ready for your first ROW class.

Will I be the only newbie in class?
We often have several members new to ROW in class. But you will be seeing familiar faces from other classes you take at MISSION and feel part of the team in no time!

I hear ROW is the hardest class you offer. Why is that?
Rowing is an full body workout that requires strength, endurance and technique. While it looks elegant and gentle when you see crews row down the Charles, it requires hard work of each and every team member. We are taking that work onto our state of the art rower and pairing it with mat work. Any class at MISSION can be the hardest class you take if you make the most of it!!

Should I wear gloves to avoid blisters?
You absolutely can wear gloves, if you like. But even gloves are no guarantee for staying blister-free. Our best advice is to take rings off during the workout and not to grip your handle too tightly.

I have rowed in college/at a club? Is this class for me?
You will love it! Pairing the sport you loved in college with challenging mat work and the amazing MISSION community just makes rowing even better. While we don’t have open water in the studio, the bright side is that you won’t have to row in the rain 🙂

I am “out of shape”. Can I take a ROW class?
Absolutely. You are in charge of your workout and the intensity. We give you guidelines and modifications for every part of class. You can always ask your instructor for specific modifications at any time. ROW is a great class to start your fitness journey or get back in the game!